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How We Do It

Let us show you what it takes to turn your site into a search result superstar, outperforming the competition on every level and bringing you the customers that have been zooming past you for so long.


The actual process might depend on your chosen service, but the journey awaiting almost every client looks something like this…

How We Do It

Initial contact

After receiving your inquiry, we will carefully study the specifics of your business to make sure we have all the necessary information and find out where your opportunities lie. Then we will get back to you with a phone call or a meeting to talk everything through before we roll up our sleeves.

Review and quote

Following a quick account review, we will prepare a custom-tailored offer with the quote which is unique for you and your business, depending on the chosen services.

Setting it up

If this is your first time dealing with Google Analytics, we will of course have to begin with all the actual implementation and necessary setups to get you up and running. It takes a little bit of time for us to actually harvest enough data to see what is going on, but do not worry – once we set up Google Analytics to your taste, the real fun begins!

The mighty audit

When all is set, it is finally time for a proper analytics audit of your Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager setup. During this phase, we will thoroughly review your previously existing Google Analytics implementation (if there is any), looking for any hidden obstacles standing in your way to success.

Tweaks and tricks

You might not even notice it, but sometimes all your Google Analytics dashboard needs is a few smart tweaks. We will gladly configure everything for you, making sure you only get the data that is relevant for your success and focus on metrics helping you grow. Leave account structure, filters and other settings to us and go after the opportunities we have discovered.


After we have gathered all the relevant data and made all the necessary final adjustments, we will prepare a unique Google Analytics report with actionable strategic advice. Thus, we will turn boring numbers into exciting possibilities and give you a step-by-step guide to unlocking your full potential.

Preparing you for the future

But our work does not end here! We know that the hunt for success does not just stop when everything has been said and done. We want you to also grow when we are not around and that is why we teach you how to make informed decisions on your own.

Google Analytics Services Completely To Your Taste

What To Expect

Finally truly understand your users

Finally truly understand your users

There might have always been many people longing for a service or product exactly like yours. However, a Google Analytics report can show why they might not be able to find you and how you can effectively change that, not only attracting their attention but also turning them into loyal customers.

Improve ranking in search engines

Improve ranking in search engines

Determining the search terms that people actually use when looking for businesses like yours is the first step towards a strong SEO strategy your site needs to rise above the competition.

Learn how to attract traffic with the highest value

Learn how to attract traffic with the highest value

Once you know the keywords that actually make a difference, you can learn how to strategically build content around them to make the most of their potential and bring as many people to your site as possible.

Drastically improve your site engagement and conversion

Drastically improve your site engagement and conversion

When you manage to target the right crowd and tell them what they want to know, conversions happen naturally and you can grow your business effortlessly.

Set up a quality foundation for the further use of analytics for business purposes

Set up a quality foundation for the further use of analytics for business purposes

Once you master extracting the right information from the plethora of metrics that Google Analytics provides, there will be no limit to your success anymore.

And finally bringing your business to the next level

And finally bringing your business to the next level

The mighty Internet presents you with so many opportunities to turn your business dreams into reality. Having the knowledge and support you need to unleash your full potential might be the key step on your way to the top. Go for it, you deserve this!

About Google Analytics

Consulting And Analytics

Google Analytics can work wonders when it comes to tracking various elements that provide valuable insight into how web users interact with your page. Regardless of your field of work, the size of your company or number of existing clients, proper consulting and analytics can give you that extra momentum you might be waiting for.

Google Analytics Data

However, collecting Google Analytics data can seem as an easy and straightforward job, but not many will tell you that the world of metrics can quickly prove deceiving or even useless… That is, if you do not actually know how to interpret all the information.

Google Metrics

The tool will help you track all the important Google metrics, such as the information about the demographics, device functionality, customer engagement, number of conversions and many more. You will be able to make informed decisions and better understand your clients, as you will finally learn what is working well for you and, more importantly, what is not! Such information is priceless if you want to target your visitors the right way, making sure they turn into long-term customers.

Google Analytics Services

But this is when we come into play and use our specialised knowledge to point you in the right direction! Contact us now to learn more about our Google Analytics services!